Lamar Ingraham

Miss Wonder Woman

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While many just marvel speechless,
I stan no longer stupefied over you,
Because your love has no secrets,
You only do what God blessed you to do.

Miss Wonder Woman,
Beautiful from day to night,
Strong enough to love a man with strife.

Miss Wonder Woman,
Irresistible from night to day,
Loving so strong, you take my breath away.

Oximorons like you having naysayers
Are what built your soul and heart
To make you the answer to all men prayers,
Because, baby, you do set yourself apart.

Miss Wonder Woman,
Lovely sleeping before you wake,
So preciously resting until the day breaks.

Miss Wonder Woman,
Gracefully fighting through it all,
Still sexy yet jaded by nightfall.

Miss Wonder Woman,
You are not that only,
You are a wonderful woman
The Lord has sent upon me.

Thank you for gracing me
With your precious smile.

© Sanaili Creative Writing, Inc.

This poem was written/submitted by Lamar Ingraham.

How Do You Do It

DownUp +15

It’s no telling what story a wound can tell,
Always smiling on the surface, you hide it so well;
So many problems such a young lady much lady must face,
And worst of all, you are alone with a child to raise;
I see you work hard all day long,
Each night you attend school before you get home;
What possesses you to have great will and drive,
Is it the child that give you the will to strive?

How do you do it,
Carry yourself with pride in the struggle?
How do you do it,
Fight off pain without moving a muscle?
How do you do it?
Please tell me, baby,
Because the more you do it,
The more you amaze me…
Baby, how do you do it?

Looking over years of hurt you took in,
Guess I’m just on the outside, trying to look in.

© 2011 Sanaili Creative Writing, Inc.

This poem was written/submitted by Lamar Ingraham.

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