Sister Poems

A Gift of Sisters

DownUp +193

A sister is a gift from god..
No one said we be perfect or wouldn’t have any flaws but that’s the reason that makes us who we are
we might fight, cry, and laugh but in the end were from our savior jesus christ who loves us for who we are
which makes us the best of sisters who are not perfect at all but we love each other above all.

This poem was written/submitted by PATRICIA MARIE LABIER.

The Care Of A Sister…

DownUp +68

The past left a breeze of fear in me, But there’s something about you that reminds me that you will never be among the petals of the past,
You will always be among the petals of my heart shinning oh so bright like you always do.
You’re the pollen of your own rose. When you vanish from between my arms, and hide underneath the shade of the distance,
I go seek for you and find you fluttering in between the abyss of my heart,
Blowing your whispers whom slither tenderly on the shells of my heart, Leaving the labels of the magical notes of your love wandering through my core. The diffusion of your warmth have roamed over the cold I had in me. Embracing your heart inside my heart through all the years would be my honor.
Hand by hand, heart by heart, nothing can break us apart.
Aiming to the kingdom of heaven bonding side by side, never apart.
I’m always by your have my word my dear.

This poem was written/submitted by Josie.

Strong Heart

DownUp +31

She looked deep into the mirror and said with the tears filling her eyes: “If only it was you standing there instead of my reflection.”

Then she recognized someone standing right behind her reflection.
She twisted her head with excitement, but an empty space was all she saw.

“Imagination…” she said to herself, hopelessness filling her head.

While her sad eyes were focused back into the mirror,
Something straight from her heart came shining red.

Bending her head with amazement,
She realized that her imagination wasn’t playing tricks on her this time.

The little girl grinned and said: “It is you, my sister…standing inside my reflection and laying within my heart…thank you…” <3

This poem was written/submitted by Josie.

The Crap We Went Through Together

DownUp +62

when you look at me with your beautiful gray eyes,
i see a gorgeous, loving, responsible, amazing woman that has gone through alot of bull crap in your life.

between Austin acting dumb, and our family slowly, and painfully separating,
i can barely stand to hear your voice almost crying on the phone or when face to face.

when we fight for some stupid reason,
i feel like we aren’t even thinkin about what we are sayin, and that we are just blurting out hurtful things to each other

i hate that cuz then i feel like we are basically saying that we don’t even love each other any more,
or that we hate each other

why can’t we just always get along?
do we like to argue?
or are we just being selfish?

whatever it is that we are doin we need to just take a deep breathe and stop, and think about what we are about to say

i love you and hate the fact that we fight like this all the time!!!

i miss how we laughed
i miss how we always hung out

This poem was written/submitted by CHEYENNE NICOLE.

My Sister

DownUp +233

Life isn’t so bad.
People are more happy,
And I’m not as sad.
I see the obstacles of life,
But never dare to pick up a knife.
I’m too precious to my family and myself.
Even when times are hurting,
We still have some wealth.
I would never dare leave my sister.
She’s helped me through everything.
I sure would miss her.
She’s payed for all my useless toys,
Made me food when my stomach rumbled,
And even talked me through liking boys.
“That’s just puppy love,” she’s say.
Boys will come and go,
But family will always stay.
It’s me and her against the world.
There’s always someone fighting,
We’re never really bored.
I love her with all my heart.
Life is moving way too fast.
Someday we’ll have to part,
But not too far away.
Even if so,
For her plane ticket I would pay.
On the phone for hours on end.
Whenever I’m sick,
She’s right there to help tend.
I will love her to the end of time.
She will always be my star.
In my eyes she will always shine.

This poem was written/submitted by Mysterygurll123.

We are Sisters

DownUp +207

We are sisters amazing and true.
Bonded forever through a great mother.
We will represent her true.
We have been through the storm and the rain,but we are still standing.
We are S-Soul Sisters,I-Inspiring,S-Strength,T-Triumphant,E-Eager,R-Responsible,S-Sassy,yet Sincere.
We are soul sisters because are bonded forever.
We are inspiring because we inspire everyone who has engaged in our presence.
We are eager because we have always willing to help our fellow man(or woman).
We are responsible and respected because it is our inherited trait.
We can be sassy,but yet sincere.Because we are always on guard.
So not to be defeated in any way especially in life.
We depend on our faith,because we know we only have one source,which will surely carry us through.
Though time has escaped us,we will take advantage of every moment,whether it is for laughter ,joy or life’s unexpected twists and turns.
We are sisters.

This poem was written/submitted by Karen Valmore-Claiborne.