Missing You Poems

Come Back

DownUp +18

I miss you like a dieting bride misses chalk-ah-lit
And if I were offered you with your flaws, I’d gladly take all of it
and yes I might cry, sure I may stress
but what’s a couple pounds on your dream girl’s white dress

See I know what we had was hella cool
and I know you’re missing me the way I’m missing you
so let us be the change that we want to see
shake hands, sign a treaty, and try to make peace

and it wouldn’t hurt for love to come and tag with us
I miss what we had, I will never give up
and I’ll taunt you like chocolate taunts a bride until you let up

This poem was written/submitted by Ahlam.

Any Day

DownUp +20

Id take sunshine over rain…. Any Day,
Id take sorrow over pain….. Any Day.
Id take chicken over steak….. Any Day,
Id take Real over fake…. Any Day.
Id take tears over laughter… Any Day,
Id take now over
“Happily Ever After”….Any Day.
Id take Him over You…..Any Day,
Only One Problem
Just Is’nt Any Day.

This poem was written/submitted by Jessica Bronson.

Fasting Over You

DownUp +33

Here goes by another day,
One that had me in a bad way;
I believe in hope for more
That is what I pray for.

Baby, I can’t eat,
I don’t want to sleep;
(Too Much)
There’s nothing else to do,
So I am fasting over you;
(Until we touch)

The night has arrived,
One that is marked to survive,
Because I’m going to stand
The test of time as your man.

Baby, I can’t eat,
I don’t want to sleep;
(Too Much)
There’s nothing else to do,
So I am fasting over you;
(Until we touch)

This poem was written/submitted by Lamar Ingraham.

A Memory at Heaven’s Gates

DownUp +69

“I’m sorry”, is all i can say
as I watch those tears
roll down your face.
I Kiss your lips before I leave,
then watch you fall down to your knees.
I give you a last hug,
then turn away….
Letting you begin to fade away.
But before I disappear
I say out loud for only your ears to hear,
“I Love you”.
And as I step into Heaven’s Gates,
I watch your lips say the same.

This poem was written/submitted by Melody .


DownUp +152

i walk threw this day.
hoping that im on your mind
but im not. your with her.
of course. even tho i told
you to leave, i crave for you.
you are my life. but you belong
with her i can see it. i guess i’ll move on.
even tho im crying of the pain for you to come back it will never work. i’m so hurt, like some driven a knife into my heart to where i cant breath. im hurt.

This poem was written/submitted by lacey.

Waiting for you ….always

DownUp +93

I love you honey , I remember you in all my prayers
I love you sweetheart , i miss you and my eyes become full of tears

I love you my darling , every morning i get up and blow you a kiss
I love you my angel , every night before i sleep , your warmth is something i really miss

I love you dear , on every nice rainy day i just wanna hug you tight……
I love you my love, without you the stars dont seem so bright
I love you and i love you, without you nothing in life seems to be right…….

I shall wait for you and i always wait all my life….
Maybe someday, i shall be blessed to have you as my wife…….

This poem was written/submitted by aadushahi.

Spirit of Love

DownUp +24

Such a nice rainy day ,Yet it seems so lonely
I wish u were here, i wish tht only….

Sometimes i ask god when i sit alone to pray
Till when shall he test us, till when will he keep us away

I know its life’s luck,and i will always wait for you my sweetheart ,
There maybe distances, but you remain always in my heart, in my every part……..

I really feel so empty , i sit here and just cry
I donno when i’ll hear your voice, i just wonder why…….

There is something which drives our love, not a day goes without it
The world may keep you away from me physically, but not my heart and spirit.

This poem was written/submitted by Aadushahi.

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