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Time Playing Games

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I don’t know why is this happening,
And whether it is wrong or right…
But why those doors are being tried to open,
which I had closed so tight…

I wanna live in present,
I wanna be independent…
I wanna be the way I like,
for this I have to assure one thing in my life..

I just don’t have to care
what’s going on in others mind…
coz by doing this..
I’d be taking care of my mind…

I don’t want history to repeat itself…
where I had hurt myself…

If I have to fulfill my dreams,
I need to be strong…
But why they can’t understand,
that I’m not wrong…

This poem was written/submitted by Deepika Gera.


DownUp +5

life is like a game,
the more you play it
the batter you get.

once you known the rule!
you will always wanna play..

This poem was written/submitted by youngfreedom/ music wright. .

Free Fall

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Free Fall.

A dove flies free,
From the sunken ship of duties.

Repetition makes me,
I am not worth freedom.

A dove flies free,
From the sunken ship of imprisonment.

Wings slice the air,
I’ve given away hurt and despair.

A dove soars high,
Away from the safari of blues.

Sadness was then,
I am different, my past, I leave behind.

A dove soars high,
Away from the crash of burdens.

I relinquish memories.
Even pain requires freedom.

I am a fonder of youth,
My arrest is unleashed.
It is eaten away.
I believe,
I fall free.

This poem was written/submitted by Divya Mehta.

The Paradox of Life

DownUp +6

It’s amazing how some things happen
Life suddenly loses its predictability
And things just don’t happen your way….
Sometimes you have to go backwards
In order to go forward
Sometimes we gain through losing
Sometimes we have to serve
In order to be served
We fall in order to rise
Sometimes we have to cry
To be able to laugh
Isn’t it strange?
One succeeding with blows:-

This poem was written/submitted by Yvonne Nabwire Kilama.

Art of Living

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Today I’ve realized one thing in my life,
Probably true meaning of living life….

Life is not about achieving goals,
nor about making it into busy rolls…
It’s not about to worry about things,
nor about to fly with the wings…

Nobody knows how and when his life would be changed,
As a single incident can cause a drastic change…

I used to think about making my future bright,
Without knowing my direction was wrong or right…

Now I have a zeal to know the “Art of Living”..
So that my life could also have a true meaning…

Life is about achieving self mastery,
so that you could not hurt anyone,
nor you be hurt by anyone….

Life is about keeping relationships,
which give you strength while crossing hardships…

Life is to love Nature,
So in other sense, appreciating its Creator…

Life is to live happily,
And speading your happiness heartily…

Life is to learn from the mistakes….
which are none other than the lessons we should take…

Life is in doing what your heart says to do,
Without caring of the consequence which it will take you through…

This poem was written/submitted by Deepika Gera.

Life is Mysterious

DownUp +8

Life is mysterious,
But why I’m not so serious??
Everybody is rushing around,
But why I’m not feeling that bound??
I remember what I used to be earlier…
Really possessive about my career.
But some miracle has happened now,
As if all the tension has gone now…
I don’t know whether it is good or bad,
But in my heart I’m feeling very glad..
I’m neither in my past nor in the future,
I’m living in the present where Nature is my Tutor.
I really enjoy in the company of her,
She makes me happy when I stare at her.
Smile comes on my face,
When I see her grace.
This is the moment which I embrace…

But sometimes this smile
bursts into a laughter….
Like a buddy
laughing on his lover…
My friends slap me everytime,
when they see me lost…
But I really enjoy,
and love this time the most……

This poem was written/submitted by Deepika Gera.

No Good. Not Good-bye’s

DownUp +8

We love,
Oh we hate.
Tighter knots so you will suffocate.

Ah, you hide your identity.
You hide your name.
If they knew who you were..
You would never be the same.

“It is all your fault.”
That is what people keep saying.
You write these words.
These words do not speak, they sing.

Think about what you are doing.
Think about everything you have got.
Push your chair away..
Loosen that knot.

This poem was written/submitted by Psuedonymous Fog.

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