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DownUp +23

I cry myself to sleep everytime i go to bed
enless someone’s with me
in that case i just rest my head
thinking about all my lifes drama
i may seem like a baby
because all i want is my mama
to lay with me maybe sing me a song
but life is moving way too fast
soon ill be old enough to play beer pong
in this world im surrounded by hate
but i have a sister
who steers me into a good fate
with kids, maybe a good man
to take care of me and our children
he may think it’s too much to demand
but i love him and he loves me back
but nobodies sure
this is all future crap
yet you wont know who i am or i keep my face unseen
because if you knew me you wouldn’t know i thought like this
even with eyes so keen

This poem was written/submitted by mysterygurll123.

What do i Feel…

DownUp +6

What do I feel

And why do I feel it

How do I feel

And do I mean it

What do I feel

And why is it vague

Why do I feel

Like im a deadly plague

What do I feel

That makes me so weak

When will I become

Bold enough to speak

What do I feel

I am not certain

But what I do feel

Will be hidden behind a curtain

This poem was written/submitted by Jevoy D'Angelo Palmer.

The Plague People

DownUp +9

Frames, Feathers, Dust.
Hollows, Love, Lust.
Within withered weathers…
Shallow, hole shadows.

It hurts.
I didn’t expect a prick.
Redress the situation.
Bloom from night.
Dawn is here.
Dusk, no flight.


Always the same,
Never trust ‘em again.

This poem was written/submitted by Divya Mehta.

Gun Man

DownUp +20

There he was holding the gun in place, I couldn’t imagen seeing his face.
I never thought i’d come to this,
But when he pullef the trigger.. Oh how I’ll miss.
To see him lying on the floor a savage grin upon his face,
Watching the blood drip and pour,
Well maybe he’s in a better place.

This poem was written/submitted by LoveXCore.

As I sit alone in silence.

DownUp +12

As I sit alone in silence.
All I feel are all these emotions running through me.
They are getting stronger with each minute of silence.
I cover my heart with my both hands to protect theses emotions from pouring out.
I am afraid if I can’t keep control of them I will lose that ability to hide them as I have from those who have tried to see.
I am scared that these emotions I feel will escape one day.
Letting out all my love, fears, heartbreak, emptiness, numbness that I have felt for the world to see.
That will be the moment u will see the real me naked bearing all what’s in my soul. My true self.
Not this shell that I have built to hide the real me all these years.
What will u think when u see the real me?

This poem was written/submitted by Jessica Grande.

Time Playing Games

DownUp +10

I don’t know why is this happening,
And whether it is wrong or right…
But why those doors are being tried to open,
which I had closed so tight…

I wanna live in present,
I wanna be independent…
I wanna be the way I like,
for this I have to assure one thing in my life..

I just don’t have to care
what’s going on in others mind…
coz by doing this..
I’d be taking care of my mind…

I don’t want history to repeat itself…
where I had hurt myself…

If I have to fulfill my dreams,
I need to be strong…
But why they can’t understand,
that I’m not wrong…

This poem was written/submitted by Deepika Gera.


DownUp +5

life is like a game,
the more you play it
the batter you get.

once you known the rule!
you will always wanna play..

This poem was written/submitted by youngfreedom/ music wright. .

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