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Fine Again

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We say everyday is a new day,
But we still wake up with the memories of the previous day.
Some keep grudges on others for what happened in past,
While some keep pursuing their chance at bliss,
In the end, we are just ruining our present.
If only, the world would accept the fact and be patient,
The grudges wouldn’t haunt our souls,
Impatient souls to attain bliss wouldn’t exist,
The present wouldn’t be wasted,
The world would be a better place.
The drama in life is an infinite loop,
And the only end is death.
With time, people mature and move on,
Whether its too late or lost forever,
A part of heart still beats for it.
And in the end, everyone is fine,
Or should I say, “Everyone is fine AGAIN”.

This poem was written/submitted by Vishal Shah.

My Life With Pain

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Pain is what i never fear.
love is what scared me
thinking paceing down the hall
scared and lonely
only waiting on one call
i knew love was scary
but i only want a chance
my life was a living dead
coming back again
i wish i was able to cry and say how i felt in my mind
but i was afraid of love again
paceing biteing my finger nails waiting on that call
i never feared again i can only wish i fear pain instead of love
when the lonely child was scared of breathing again witch was her last fear of life once again

This poem was written/submitted by Tamera .


DownUp +23

I cry myself to sleep everytime i go to bed
enless someone’s with me
in that case i just rest my head
thinking about all my lifes drama
i may seem like a baby
because all i want is my mama
to lay with me maybe sing me a song
but life is moving way too fast
soon ill be old enough to play beer pong
in this world im surrounded by hate
but i have a sister
who steers me into a good fate
with kids, maybe a good man
to take care of me and our children
he may think it’s too much to demand
but i love him and he loves me back
but nobodies sure
this is all future crap
yet you wont know who i am or i keep my face unseen
because if you knew me you wouldn’t know i thought like this
even with eyes so keen

This poem was written/submitted by mysterygurll123.

What do i Feel…

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What do I feel

And why do I feel it

How do I feel

And do I mean it

What do I feel

And why is it vague

Why do I feel

Like im a deadly plague

What do I feel

That makes me so weak

When will I become

Bold enough to speak

What do I feel

I am not certain

But what I do feel

Will be hidden behind a curtain

This poem was written/submitted by Jevoy D'Angelo Palmer.

The Plague People

DownUp +9

Frames, Feathers, Dust.
Hollows, Love, Lust.
Within withered weathers…
Shallow, hole shadows.

It hurts.
I didn’t expect a prick.
Redress the situation.
Bloom from night.
Dawn is here.
Dusk, no flight.


Always the same,
Never trust ’em again.

This poem was written/submitted by Divya Mehta.

Gun Man

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There he was holding the gun in place, I couldn’t imagen seeing his face.
I never thought i’d come to this,
But when he pullef the trigger.. Oh how I’ll miss.
To see him lying on the floor a savage grin upon his face,
Watching the blood drip and pour,
Well maybe he’s in a better place.

This poem was written/submitted by LoveXCore.

As I sit alone in silence.

DownUp +12

As I sit alone in silence.
All I feel are all these emotions running through me.
They are getting stronger with each minute of silence.
I cover my heart with my both hands to protect theses emotions from pouring out.
I am afraid if I can’t keep control of them I will lose that ability to hide them as I have from those who have tried to see.
I am scared that these emotions I feel will escape one day.
Letting out all my love, fears, heartbreak, emptiness, numbness that I have felt for the world to see.
That will be the moment u will see the real me naked bearing all what’s in my soul. My true self.
Not this shell that I have built to hide the real me all these years.
What will u think when u see the real me?

This poem was written/submitted by Jessica Grande.

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