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Have you ever written a poem for no purpose or no reason?
Because to me, it seems that I have something to hide, maybe a demon.
There has been something floating around my mind for the past week, confusion.
Or it could just be something I made up, a distraction, maybe an allusion.
The only things people talk about are college and relationships, may I ask why?
But once formal or prom comes around, you will be looking good with that white tie.
The dances are just a simple explanation, one big distraction for small relationships.
And when a slow dance comes on, everyone has an exchange of soft lips.
But once that dance is over, one thing will never be the same as it was, that relationship.
Because most high school relationships are the same, they turn into an eclipse.

This poem was written/submitted by Mike Nissan.

Do you care?

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when your alone and no one is there
so you sit by yourself wondering who will care

when you feel scared and reach for the light
you know its not possible if your still in fright

when alive, its life or death
you’ll do anything, even sin under your breath

so when you feel threaten, alone, or scared
ask yourself this one question will anybody even care

This poem was written/submitted by Elias pazokh.


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I woke up today.
Went out side to feel the breeze.
Everything was nice and bright,
even the birds were at ease.

There was nothing to worry about,
nothing needed my care.
I layed on my trampoline,
while the breeze fluttered my hair.

Nothing needed to be done.
Nothing stood in my way.
Of living my life,
taking it day by day.

I think I found the meaning of life,
to live our lives and create a home.
Give us something to live for.
Watch our grandkids get grown.

That’s all we can do,
set up a nice life.
For us and maybe our kids.
Because we can’t do it twice.

We have on shot
and that goes by fast.
It’s the longest thing we’ll do,
but the times won’t last.

Our days are numbered.
Life isn’t going to last forever.
But if we accomplish it.
Our names won’t die, never.

This poem was written/submitted by Mysterygurll123.

Balled of an United States Marine our story

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This Pollution
Retreating is not a option
take in its venom
inhale and hold the coughing
lay in ur flesh coffin
people dropping on demand
resistance is our strength
we destroy now on command
explosive 2 door sedans
insurgents we must defeat
thier blood on on our hands
thier bodies at our feet
u only die if u sleep
so insomnia become us
but we do it for country
and in our God we trust
And that God is Jesus
Alert the Masses. . .
and we send no warning shots
we fight to return home
so we give wars all we got
and our mission is not to stop
we close in and destroy
repel the enemy assault
this is why we deploy
straight from Illinois
a Humboldt park warrior
protector of man kind
but dont call me a murderer

This poem was written/submitted by Fabian Carter.


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i hear screams, not of pain, or joy… but sorrow.
there are crys to far away for me to reach.
they sound close but i can never find them, no matter how fast or how far i run.
but but i can steel feel their heart break, their fond memories…their sorrow.

why me? why was i choosen for all of this? what’s my greater purpose?

im the one who puts everyone else first, i give everyone the upper hand. they become the queens, the kings… and i become nothing but a bug you can step on.

now i know who holds the sorrow it’s me. i loved and i have lost…the loss was greater, but i know now everyone will not get the upper hand anymore but me i will.

This poem was written/submitted by kirstin.

Peace of Mind

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When the fire burns inside you,
Choking you with all your emotions.
When the angel in you, is at its best,
And the devil at its worst.
When your heart fights against your mind,
It is you against yourself.
The damage is done inside you,
You just look for the small gap to escape.
You act suddenly and then you scream,
You realize, you acted like a fool,
Maybe now or all the time before.
When your emotions haunt you,
While you try to run away.
You are trapped in your own maze.
Maybe you should just cry and let your emotions out,
Maybe you should just let it be.
In the end, you just close your eyes,
And everything flashes in front of you,
Now you know, all you ever wanted
Was just some peace of mind.

This poem was written/submitted by Vishal Shah.

Cycle of Life.

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Things don’t workout as per plan,
Every moment is a new surprise.
One moment leads to the other,
Choosing the right path is all that matters.
When your head is a highway,
Million thoughts coming and going.
Everything is directionless,
You are lost in yourself.
When your head is a carnival of feelings,
Some good, some bad and some ugly.
Assumptions and misconceptions,
Anger, frustration and irritation,
Each pointing to a different direction.
There is a voice in your head,
But its not you.
The stress drives you crazy and uncontrollable,
You seek for a desperate end.
You take a step and the moment is gone,
You may regret or you may not.
Someone is happy and the other is sad,
Move on, try or cry.
Everyone has a past to live with,
A present to live in and a future to live for,
This is simply life.

This poem was written/submitted by Vishal Shah.

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