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Poet: Dusk Light collector

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I walked into the night. dusk light is lost. let me in, without knocking. I say hi.

Pedestrians at night. the poets who missed the night. lovers who picked up the evening light. from the sun. light a fire in the evening quiet.

I walked into the night. with fire in the head. I’ll burn with all the lonely nights. with all its dreams. My silent. own.

Night is a longing that never goes out. a fire lit silence. on to explain in the eyes of the heart

This poem was written/submitted by Nanang Suryadi.

Directions to The Sunset

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Read life toward twilight, who spend their entire life tears. whether longing to the love?
preach in the leaves of the whole, the most profound love wet soil, after the rain, the wind has brought together
preach to the birds that will come home at dusk, warm nest full of creeps and singing missed call
I have passed all the twilight, dusk always ask for written love poems, my fingers dancing, enduring word
maybe you could record, from the points of rain, there is no time to reveal the secrets you miss me
rain is possible that you miss me, whispered, damp soil to the blackened clouds, the sky was sobbing
the waving trees, there you missed cues, as a murmur as the wind whispers rustling

This poem was written/submitted by Nanang Suryadi.

Past Passes Past

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The biggest rule of them all is to never for the past.
Even though you had a bad moment, it surely won’t last.
Everyone has those days, it’s one of the trials of your spirit.
It’s your decision, either you give up and fail or go head up against it.
Yes, sometimes we want to change what we did, but now you know,
The present and future will be better and it will surely show.
Because of the heartbreaks and hardships you had to deal,
You know how to embrace yourself against them better, to recover, and heal.
Surely pain is the reason we don’t try and it gives us hell.
Just remember your past experiences, fix those mistakes, and come out of your shell.

This poem was written/submitted by Mike Nissan.

Crossing the Night

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On the dusty books, you want to freeze time.
Because the sliver of memory, the second is to continue publishing.
Like poetry, keep track
So lyrical, so gentle, whispering wind in the dream.
Similar light, say hello to sadness, dribbles at the top awful.
Hours shivering in the clink
Night getting thicker.
Love makes it increasingly foolish. A
And love the wild. ah, memories stunned! increasingly do not you know

This poem was written/submitted by Nanang Suryadi.

The Little Things

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Remember, in life; you must enjoy the little things.
Because you’ll never know what tomorrow brings!
Just be thankful that you can wake up each day,
Never let any precious time in your life slip away.
Take a moment; enjoy just sitting in the grass,
Look at all the trees and just watch nature pass.
While you’re sitting, think of what you’ve been through.
Think about the future and what you want to do.
Now that you have thought about the old and the new,
Think about something that is more important, you.
Continue enjoying all the things in life, big or small,
Because smiling a lot is better than no smiling at all.

This poem was written/submitted by Mike Nissan.


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Have you ever written a poem for no purpose or no reason?
Because to me, it seems that I have something to hide, maybe a demon.
There has been something floating around my mind for the past week, confusion.
Or it could just be something I made up, a distraction, maybe an allusion.
The only things people talk about are college and relationships, may I ask why?
But once formal or prom comes around, you will be looking good with that white tie.
The dances are just a simple explanation, one big distraction for small relationships.
And when a slow dance comes on, everyone has an exchange of soft lips.
But once that dance is over, one thing will never be the same as it was, that relationship.
Because most high school relationships are the same, they turn into an eclipse.

This poem was written/submitted by Mike Nissan.

Do you care?

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when your alone and no one is there
so you sit by yourself wondering who will care

when you feel scared and reach for the light
you know its not possible if your still in fright

when alive, its life or death
you’ll do anything, even sin under your breath

so when you feel threaten, alone, or scared
ask yourself this one question will anybody even care

This poem was written/submitted by Elias pazokh.

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