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Last Chance

DownUp +3

standing on this edge
your fate lies below
jump or not to jump
your decisions follow
Your life is spiraling downward
but your choices could falter tonight
so if your gonna do it
jump and end your life.
This Is Your Last Chance
I’m counting to three
you can’t jump or you can stay
what’s it gonna be?
Baby come down
don’t make me cry
lets talk it out
you don’t have to die
your making a mistake
Dammit look at me!
look me in the eye’s
what do you see?
You see the deceit and the pain
that I caused for you
but I’m down here begging
I don’t want us to be through
This is Your Last Chance
to come down, to be mine once more
but once you jump
we WONT be anymore…
But if you jump
You’ll Never know
That The truth is
That I love You so..
Last Chance…

This poem was written/submitted by lisha len.

She Writes Fear On Her Arms

DownUp +12

Fear written in her arms in the form of scars over each blue vein
A cry out into the dark as the last sliver of hope drips the drain
What was once something so small, only a simple game,
Now fills each breath she takes with fear, with sorrow, with shame
Long sleeve shirts and jackets cover her pale skin
She should have known not to play a game that she could not win
She was the girl who held so much, she was the girl who had it all
And now we all watch as her dreams began to break, and she begins to fall
Maybe if this was a day, not to long ago,
Someone would be there to catch her, to end her little show
But now she has no friends; she has no alibis
Now she sits alone when she is scared or when she lies down and cries
She tries to drown out the sound of each and every day
She tries to make herself believe that things might be okay
She is drowning in a sea of pain, and no one is there to save her
This little girl, so caught up in lies, just may be gone forever

This poem was written/submitted by lisha len.

What You Made Me

DownUp +14

When does anger, devourer souls…
When does love no longer know…
Which direction my heart is in…
Only that it’s somewhere…
Beneath my skin…
I want to break you…
Does that make me a monster???
I want to hate you…
It’s what I’m after…
I want to hear your screams…
like I heard mine…
I want to stop hearing…
That you’re doing fine…
Split to pieces…
Rip to shreds…
I want you out…
I want you dead…
Feel my pain that’s tainted me…
Remember all my forgotten pleas…
Maybe the answer is I’m pained…
See these horns that I have gained…
Help from you was needed of course…
You’ve made me like this…
Do you feel the remorse?

This poem was written/submitted by lisha len.

Who Is She?

DownUp +16

She hangs her head in disgust and shame.
Who is she? What is her name?
She might stand straight and might stand tall.
But in her mind she feels so small.
She takes one step forward but three steps back.
Trying to block the next mental attack.
In her mind, she slowly breaks.
A broken record of her mistakes.
Her knees grow weak, she then stumbles.
Suddenly the world around her crumbles.
She tries to block the thoughts in her mind.
But they have a hold, they start to bind.
They start to squeeze and pull tight.
She feels the pain and feels the bite.
She presses her hands to her head.
To her horror, her wrists are stained red.
She watches the blood slide slowly down.
Wishing, in the blood, her pain will drown.
The thoughts have control, they have her bound.
She wishes that salvation could be found.
She starts to scream and starts to shout.
Her mind is starting to fill with doubt.
Who is she? She can’t remember.
Even though it hurts, she draws a breath.
Through her agony, she screams for death.
Her heart beats but it starts to slow.
Devilish thoughts then start to grow.
One last scream as they take control.
She has no heart, mind or soul.
Here one moment and gone the next
Her last breath will kiss the dawn.
She lays her head down and sighs real deep.
Forever to lay there in her sleep.

This poem was written/submitted by Michael Dumeir/ lisha len.

(Divorce kills) More Then It Knows.

DownUp +21

You watched her silently as her heart broke.
You saw the hurt in her eyes as she told each joke.
You could hear the pain behind her voice.
You could see the long sleeves weren’t of choice.
All she needs is a hand to pull that razor from her clenching hands.
Something more hid behind that smile.
Something that wasn’t on her school file.
Did you know her parents got divorced this year?
That her Dad moving out was her biggest fear?
She got into drugs just last week.
She’s been so high at times that she’s forgotten how to speak.
Did you know all she wants is a friend?
All she wants is for the pain to end.
She sits in class, trying her very best.
She comes back the next day to a failed test.
It’s all going downhill day after day.
You think you see it, but there’s nothing you say.
She’s thinking thoughts she knows she shouldn’t.
She wants to do things she normally wouldn’t.
Her Dad’s gone now,
her Mom works all the time.
A lonely child all on her own tonight.
She thinks she’s lost her only fight.
The high’s wearing off, she needs to end this.
Her Dad only left a gun, and now it insists.
She reaches for the trigger, replays the parents’ fights.
She cries as she remembers all those loud nights.
One little squeeze, and she’s dead on the ground.
A broken girl from a broken home, and she never made a sound.
Now the girl haunts her parents, it was their fear.
They lost their girl, they both start to tear.
One man, one woman, both hold a story.
As for their daughter, her ended glory.
They shouldn’t have fought, they were to blame.
Her mother cries as her Father screams out her name.

This poem was written/submitted by lisha len.


DownUp +9

Life with you is a beautiful dance.
Of loving and sweet romance.
Life with you is a sweet dream.
Of honeysuckle and cool running streams.

Life with you is a thrilling roller coaster ride.
Knowing that you will always be by my side.
Life you is my eternity.
You and I floating on an endless cloud of serenity.

This poem was written/submitted by Lamar Cole.

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