If I Had My Way

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You would have to want for a thing,
Because we would share each hope and dream;
I would endeavor to charlie mike
What you have in mind by a look in the eye.

If I had my way…

You would only cry those tears of bliss,
Whenever you feel the need to just cry;
Thinking of how far we have come to this,
Makes me glad to have sought you all my life.

If I had my way…

We would be living this life together,
You, I, and the children indeed, my dear;
There is nothing greater than forever,
So carpe diem and cancel every your fear.

If I had my way…

Let me have my way with you,
Put you in my life, make you my wife,
Make love to you day and night,
Passion and spiritual love on a high.

If I had my way…

We make flawless memories of us as one,
To see us in the years that have passed;
Just a thought would become the foundation,
And the vision to build us to last.

If I had my way

This poem was written/submitted by Lamar Ingraham.

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