(Divorce kills) More Then It Knows.

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You watched her silently as her heart broke.
You saw the hurt in her eyes as she told each joke.
You could hear the pain behind her voice.
You could see the long sleeves weren’t of choice.
All she needs is a hand to pull that razor from her clenching hands.
Something more hid behind that smile.
Something that wasn’t on her school file.
Did you know her parents got divorced this year?
That her Dad moving out was her biggest fear?
She got into drugs just last week.
She’s been so high at times that she’s forgotten how to speak.
Did you know all she wants is a friend?
All she wants is for the pain to end.
She sits in class, trying her very best.
She comes back the next day to a failed test.
It’s all going downhill day after day.
You think you see it, but there’s nothing you say.
She’s thinking thoughts she knows she shouldn’t.
She wants to do things she normally wouldn’t.
Her Dad’s gone now,
her Mom works all the time.
A lonely child all on her own tonight.
She thinks she’s lost her only fight.
The high’s wearing off, she needs to end this.
Her Dad only left a gun, and now it insists.
She reaches for the trigger, replays the parents’ fights.
She cries as she remembers all those loud nights.
One little squeeze, and she’s dead on the ground.
A broken girl from a broken home, and she never made a sound.
Now the girl haunts her parents, it was their fear.
They lost their girl, they both start to tear.
One man, one woman, both hold a story.
As for their daughter, her ended glory.
They shouldn’t have fought, they were to blame.
Her mother cries as her Father screams out her name.

This poem was written/submitted by lisha len.

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