Dear Mommy and Daddy

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I want you to know you were chosen very carefully. God needed to find someone he knew would take such good care of me.

Even though my stay with you was not very long. The impact I had on you and others was oh so strong.

I was an angel before I was yours. God sent me here to open many doors. Through my life others now live
what an amazing gift u helped to give.

I know that you miss me and i miss you to
So i ask you keep me in your heart and i will see you through

You gave me the strenth I needed to carry out God’s will
So now all of your dreams and wishes he is sure to fulfill
He loves you and thanks you for giving me life,Even though you must deal with sadness and strife

When you think of me I hope you know
right down to my mommy and daddy my love will always flow

This poem was written/submitted by christina.

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