You Know I Love You

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You know I love you
And you must know too
That my happiest moments
Are those spent with you
For when we’re together
Or when we’re apart
You’re first in my thoughts
And first in my heart.

I Love You For Your Thoughtfulness

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I love you for your thoughtfulness
Your understanding way
And for the countless little things
You do for me each day
I love you for the hopes and dreams
You’ve helped to make come true
But most of all I love you,
Just for being you

May You Always Be Each Others Best Friend

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May you always be each others best friend,
May your mutual love continue to be so
May your successful marriage continue to thrive
May love flourish, prosper, bloom and grow.

It Started With A Simple Ring

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It started with a simple ring,
You became husband and wife,
You progressed to being parents
And you’re still best friends for life.

You’ve traveled through life together
Enjoying years of wedded bliss
We congratulate you on reaching (Silver) (Gold) (Diamond)
And we toast your happiness

Love Brought You Together

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Love brought you together
As husband and wife
And gave each of you
A best friend for life

Happy Wedding Anniversary

It Has Been Such A Wonderful Journey With You

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It has been such a wonderful journey with you,
That I can’t even express,
You are the same person,
Who did impress,
I wish our bond stays till the end of time,
I want that you always remain mine,
Happy anniversary my dear!

You My Love

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What can be a better blessing that love wrapped in silver paper?
You entered my life so easily like sweet smelling vapor.
I feel so comfortable around you, like I am around my clone,
And I always crave to spend more and more time with you all alone.
You my love, knocked at my door and totally transformed my life,
I promise to love you forever, ‘coz you’re the world’s best wife!

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