Not By Bread Alone

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In life, I thought I had everything,
The answers of the heart were lost;
I idolized the women of my dream,
But Christ had paid the ultimate cost.

Not by bread alone,
Shall I live a life again…

I manipulated other as well as myself,
The child of a King behaved so immorally;
Putting the fear of God second to all else,
I started to talk of Him without any loyalty.

Not by bread alone,
Shall I speak of life within…

Man cannot live by bread alone,
We need the true bread of life;
The world was saved by our own
Lord and Savior, Jesus the Christ.

So I will not do it,
By not bread alone…

I have stolen from the holy storehouse,
By not bothering to even tithe in truth;
Cheerful giving is the least man endows
For complete salvation in living proof.

Not by bread alone,
Shall I eat once more…

Hatred I felt for my own brothers,
As I slowly learned really to absolve;
Jesus manifested genuinely to others
Unanimity is how Christians evolved.

Not by bread alone,
Shall I be like before…

Man cannot live by bread alone,
We need the true bread of life;
The world was saved by our own
Lord and Savior, Jesus the Christ.

So I will not do it,
By not bread alone…

This poem was written/submitted by Lamar Ingraham.

Love or Lust

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you made me think love was lust
and lust was love.
its because of you.
you got that love that can tear families apart.
you can tear sisters apart.
you can tear a mother and her baby apart.
you can make blood turn into water with your eyes and touch.
you the type that breaks hearts without even noticing the broken part about it.
you made me cry without tears coming down my face.
you made me feel pain without you even touching me.
you made me catch feelings .
you made me fall in love i meant lust.
every time you touch me there and kiss me here.
you fucked me with your smiles .
you fucked me with you arms around my body and you fucked me with them fucked up stories you told me about your life .
you made me see i can trust you.
you made me see that i can love u .
you made me see that you cared .
and you love me i meant lust me.
how can you .only you conquer a heart as big as mines by your self
i wouldnt be in this shit if it wasnt for you .
because i been playing ring around the rosey by my self .
going round and round in a circle by my self.

you see i felled down by my self.
and i always seem to get up and play again

sometimes i think you would be tired of these childish games .

because you made me think feelings is a happy feeling .
and love would be nice .
and tears wont be involve
and blood wont be drawn
and you said youu7 care .
but honestly you wont give a shit if i fuckin died.

and if i did die the only memories you will have is me on my knees makin you smile.
and me turned around making you happy.
and me on top of you listening to your moans and motivation that you give me by say keep goin.

you dont notice that i will do anything for you touch .
you didnt notice i will do anything for your love.
i mean i just want you to hold me tight before i slip into the wrong hands.
and fall in love with the wrong man.
or maybe i already did by meeting you.

This poem was written/submitted by saeedah johnson.

The Real Side Of You

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one day we kissed i looked in your eyes
but behind your eyes was full of lies
i dont know how you thought you could hide
all these lies deep inside….
you were going to meet my mother
you were going to meet my father
but after what you did!
we must not go any farther
LOVE is here LOVE is there
LOVE is in the air LOVE is everywhere..
when i touched your chest i felt your hear beat
i made a song from the beat of your heart
but you tore it apart
yea i still love youand no one is above you
you were going to be mines for ever
but now i dont even wanna hug you

This poem was written/submitted by YUSHA J..

The Distance

DownUp +4

Something about the twinkle in your eye,
Makes me lose my mind, no lie.
Please believe me, I’m trying my all.
I really don’t want the best of us to fall.
You’re worth every battle, war, and the stars.
I just want you for myself, in jars.
Yes, I’m hesitant and I can’t lie.
Me and you can do it though, easy as pie.
Babe, no matter what the distance, one rule only,
We will stay strong, and we will stay holy.
What I’m trying to say is I like you.
We can conquer the distance, and that is true.
No matter how far, don’t lose all this hype,
I Promise, almost all night we will Skype.

This poem was written/submitted by Mike Nissan.

One Flesh

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Baby, we are one flesh,
Truly, we are man and wife;
Baby, we are one flesh,
The best ministry in my life.

I am so captivated by your love,
Baptized in the sea of God’s favor;
Each morning to see who I dreamed of,
Beside me, answers my every prayer.

Let me rejoice in you, your worth,
Because you are my sacred crown;
You are my blessing here on earth,
Dubbed in new passion for holy ground.

Baby, we are one flesh,
Truly, we are man and wife;
Baby, we are one flesh,
The best ministry in my life.

No wealth nor home can compare
To the value of my love for you,
Which goes beyond measure so rare,
After all we have been through.

Finding a wife would be drastic,
But I have what is called a helpmate,
And the fulfillment feels fantastic,
God’s joint us where nobody can separate.

Baby, we are one flesh,
Truly, we are man and wife;
Baby, we are one flesh,
The best ministry in my life.

Baby, we are indeed..
One flesh.

This poem was written/submitted by Lamar Ingraham.

I Remember

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I remember something. I remember someone, some place, somewhere.
I remember a place in my mind. In the minds of others just like me.
A special place that is for me, and others like me.
I remember a life i can never have.
A life i built throughout my mind.
Where i was born, raised, and grew.
With friends that I never left, and never left me.
With a family that wasn’t built on hate and frustration.
With a happiness that wasn’t on a computer screen made of thousands of pixels.
That’s what i remember.

I remember a beautiful place.
A place where cherry blossoms lined the streets.
Letting their pink beauty shine each year, not hiding it from anyone.
A place where everyone loved, and nobody hated.
Because only the unloved hate.
A place where the summers were warm, and love fluttered like those cherry blossoms.
A place where the winters were cold, and colorless snow brought joy to the vibrant hearts of children.
A place where the spring brought new growth, and shed its past year behind.
A special place.

In this place lived people.
A people that loved one another.
Accepted one another.
People that loved and accepted everyone.
Accepted and loved them for their past, present, and future.
Because that is love.
These people loved where they lived.
They loved the beauties that were given unto them.
They embraced these beauties with open arms, and joyous hearts.

They grew a happiness there.
A happiness that bore fruit year round.
It never wilted, and never rotted.
This happiness was with each other.
It was with what was given to them.

This place, with these people they lived with.
They found joy in every small hole of their lives.
This is where i was born.
This is where i lived.
With my mother and father.
with my brothers.
With my little sister that was never born.

I grew up here.
With friends, and friends of friends.
I never left them, and they never left me.
We shared our lives and dreams throughout the summer.
And our thought and hearts in the winter.

I found love in this place, and it found me.
This love that never scurried away, or was out of reach.
This love was there to be given to me, and for me to give.
We were happy.
Because we had no reason to be otherwise.

But this place.
This place that i remember.
It’s a place long forgotten.
A life that was created.
But never lived.
It’s gone.
But is still here.
Here to haunt me.
A life I remember.
A life i remember i never had.
And it tears me apart everyday remembering that life.
The life i can never have.

But this life.
Though it was not meant for me.
Is meant for others.
This life without hate and sorrow.
This life without heartbreak and torn promises.
This life that lived in me, can be lived in.
Not by me though.

This poem was written/submitted by Michael .

The body

DownUp -1

I have 2 legs that will always stand tall
I have 2 arms that will always hold you tight
I have 2 eyes that will watch over you
I have 10 fingers but one will never truly belong to me
I have 1 stomach but it is full of butterflies
I have a heart but not the one in my chest that belongs to you
I have only one mind but you’re the only thing in it
I have only 1 body but it will be the one to protect you when you need it
I may only be one man but I’ll be the only man you need

This poem was written/submitted by Elias pazokh.

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